Free... as a bird

a boundless heart

John is a young man who is different from others - he was born with wings. For years, he enthusiastically made the best of his gift, guided by his most faithful companion - his own heart. He flied freely around the world, exploring horizons that others didn't even dream to exist.

However one autumn night an unusual sadness invades his heart. For the first time in his life the bird-boy fears loneliness. In a moment when he wonders whether being different will mean living alone forever, the sight of another young man in a cosy house in front of his tree inspires him. John realises that this young man is, in fact, just alone as he is.

From then on, he begins a very different journey, far above the heavens that were already so familiar to him. He joins the flight of a friendship for life. 

Together, the two boys discover that as far as the qualities of human beings are concerned, sharing and acceptance grow in ways which have no limits. In the magic equation of love, the result is always much greater than the simple sum of the parts.

Age recommended: 7+

The musketeers in the beach? Not really                     ... 3 simple people just enjoying the sun...
The musketeers in the beach? Not really ... 3 simple people just enjoying the sun...

Helio and Rubi

as above so below

Helio is a boy who lives with his thoughts in the clouds, looking for a star that will shine just for him. Rubi is a girl who loves all that comes from the earth and who searches hard to find her own diamond.

As one only looks up and the other one down, they collide on their way to school. A friendship grows while they try to teach the other all the wonders of their own worlds. At last, both will discover that there is much more in common between heaven and earth than the differences that could keep them apart, and they find in each other what they most sought - a true friend. 

Age recommended: 7+

Let´s fly! The sky is the limit!
Let´s fly! The sky is the limit!

Lily, The Empathic Chestnut

growing in the green world

Lily is a small chestnut seed who is taken away from the safety and company of her family by a little bird. Finding herself alone and frightened, in the darkness of the earth, the little chestnut realizes she can hear Mother Nature's voice. She discovers too that she is not as lonely as she first thought. Lily starts a friendship of many years with an acorn planted by her side.

The two friends begin an adventurous journey, overcoming challenges as they grow into adult trees. They learn about Mother Nature's love and discover more about the role they play in the green world and also in the world of humans. Together, the Big-Hearted-Chestnut and the Wise-Acorn-Marie realize that empathy and wisdom are two powerful tools for healing, and that there are no limits to love in shades of green.

Age recommended: 7+