The Tree and The Seed

An invitation to read

An invitation to read

Nowadays life can be very challenging. A busy life of demands that throws simplicity and its values to the bottom of our priorities list. We fight to find the time for ourselves and for our children.

Children are naturally creative, as they are building themselves and building their own future. The seeds that will become the adult trees. They dream relying on their wishes and beliefs. What if we would teach them about values that we seem to have lost somehow? Values of simplicity that have been covered with layers and layers of dust throughout dailylife challenge.

And what about us, the grown-ups? Have we stopped dreaming? Have we really stopped believing in simplicity and its beauty?

We, the authors of this collection, find reading to be a way of cherishing our dreams while opening ourselves to emotions in the safety of our own space.

Here's an invitation: why don't we take a sit with children for a while and read a story of clear crystal values such as freedom, generosity, friendship and love, respect for difference, compassion, hope and faith? Let's clean the sparkle of our crystals and make it shine into our lives and our reality. We still can do that. We still have our innerchild waiting to be nourished. Maybe at a certain point the world will be in silence and we will find our inner voice speaking. Just like children do.

It might be that this invitation to read turns out to be an invitation to listen. Listen to your inner voice and create.

                                                                                             With love,

                                                                                              Ana, Steve and Sónia


All our ebooks are available in both english and portuguese versions on Amazon. The ebook tales are shorter and have less illustrations than the paperback ones. At the moment, concerning paperback editions, only Lily, The Empathic Chestnut is available.

The Authors: two portuguese ladies and an english gentleman

                           Ana Salgueiro M Miranda      Sónia Salgueiro M Miranda     Stephen Beane